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China Moves with Confidence Towards a Brighter Future. The new Silk Road is paved with asphalt. Giant, multi-story pagodas of glass rise many floors above the humble buildings of the old world, outlined with bold new modern architecture. - The young seeds of tomorrow’s future navigate success in an ever increasing landscape of global competition. Journeyeast.org is honored to walk with China during these special times and help prepare students to be competitive in the global market. To inspire and raise the motivation and learning interest of students while making friends, and fostering better understanding between nations and cultures.

Paid Teaching Contracts:
Allow you to work and live in China for periods of six months to one year. Our programs are very competitive, we receive approximately six thousand applications each year. To maintain the program quality, we accept only 400 applicants.

It is imperitive to apply early, research the program you are entering, and be a sincere candidate. If you are just beginning your research, please checkout our online primer which provides useful information for those just starting out.

Everyone that works at journeyeast has lived and taught in China before and can answer virtually any question you have about living and working in China.