Teach in China, Teacher Guide

Teach English in China

ESL Teachers Guide to Teaching in China

Teach in China, Teacher Guide

Teachers and non certified educators seeking information on how to Teach English in China will find this guide a valuable tool.  Our online teacher guide was designed specifically for managing ones expectations about the realities of living and working abroad in China, conducting research about teaching jobs, what to pack, salary expectations, and an easy guide for applying for the China Work Visa.  The 2014 Online Teachers Manual is FREE and covers additional topics such as teaching method, lesson planning, budgeting your experience, tutoring in China and other valuable tips and advice.  


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Benefits of Teaching in China

About Journeyeast.org

Free Furnished Private Apartment, Rent & Utilities

Learning Chinese, Chinese Tutors

Employer Provided Medical Insurance

Salary & Benefits

Teacher Services


Costs of Teaching in China

Airport Pickup Service

China Visa Service

International Airfare to China

Program Comparison

Estimated Tertiary Costs

Total Cost Summary


Requirements For Teaching English in China

Age Restrictions

Background Checks

Education Requirements

Fiscal Eligibility

Language Requirements

Medical Prequalifications

Passport & Visas

Travel Experience

Your Resume


Teach in China Contracts

Business English Solutions International, LLC Agreement

School Employer Contracts

Contract Reimbursements

Withdrawal Policy


International Travel To China

Map of China

Work Visas Issued

What to Pack

In the Plane

Arrival In China

Greeting Party

Culture Shock

Residence Formalities

Traveling in China

Planning Your Return Flight


Frequently Asked Questions

Application Deadlines

Application Instructions

Are Tattoos Okay?

Family Visits to China

China Holidays

Medicine in China

What Parents Should Know

Bringing Pets to China

Placement Evaluations

Pre-Trip Orientation

Tax IRS Questions

Teachers Testimonials

Recruiting for Journeyeast



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